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FEEDBACK: The Violence of Silence

Text: V. Meidell  Photo: R. Vidzidskis   Reasons for recommending The Violence of Silence: This is the first Feedback band outside the borders of Norway, and I stumbled upon them during a nice weekend in Riga. I love grunge, and when I first heard The Violence of […]

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My reason for choosing Breed: I first noticed the band back in 2005, when they did a Backyard gig (for up and coming bands) at Garage in Bergen. They kind of reminded me of Pantera (and I LIKE Pantera), so the name stuck in my mind. In […]

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My reasons for making Arvas band of the week: Norwegian black metal tends to be very traditional, and if you’re satisfied with that, I’ll advice you to shy away from these guys, go back into your cave and spin the old Mayhem-records one more time. Arvas plays […]

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FEEDBACK: Apes from Space

  My reasons for making Apes From Space band of the week: Apes From Space used to play cover songs, and I guess I think I know what song they got the inspiration for their name from. The band is still unsigned, but don’t let that stop […]

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What’s New, Pussycat?


Cats are among our most common pets. They are small, furry, cozy and cute; still they are surrounded by mystery and myths.   Text and illustration: V. Meidell Cats have “nine lives”. They walk through the world like they own it, and whenever they fall, they land […]

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A Halloween Story


Some years ago I had the strangest experience, and since we’re getting close to Allhallows Eve, I will share this peculiar, little horror story with you. Text and illustrations: V. Meidell   It all started on a hot summer day, back in the year of 2003. I […]

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Christian goths


Goths come in all shapes and ages, but what is their outlook on life? I guess you’ve heard about the Wiccans, the non-believers and the Satanists, but did you know that a great part of the goth community are Christians?   Text: V. Meidell / Illustrations: V. […]

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