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arvasMy reasons for making Arvas band of the week:

Norwegian black metal tends to be very traditional, and if you’re satisfied with that, I’ll advice you to shy away from these guys, go back into your cave and spin the old Mayhem-records one more time. Arvas plays a different kind of black metal, inspired by the weirdest kinds of music. The sound is fast, dark and dirty. Actually, this is the perfect soundtrack to your worst nightmare. Enjoy!


Can you give a brief presentation of the band and the music?

V-Rex: The band as it is now has been alive for about three years. I formed Arvas in 1992 under the name Örth, and changed it a few years later to Arvas when my drummer committed suicide. The idea was to kinda do this as a one man project and only release demos while I played as session musician in other bands around the Bergen area – and I have been in most of them: Aeternus, Ancient, Frozen Cries etc…

The years went by and I never did anything live, but I did get a lot of attention back in the days for some reason. I guess I was onto something back then, but I was not ready and I didn’t have musicians to pull it off. So I kept on doing it on my own. And a couple of years ago I was talked into doing things live. I got hold of band members to pull it off and we did a “release” party here in Bergen for a split album with Hordagaard released by Azermedoth Records from Mexico.

Shortly after this my guitarist left and my bass player somehow disappeared…

I made my drummer a permanent member, and happily for me he was fired from Koldbrann, so he could dedicate his energy to Arvas full time. We decided to record an album and we did it with material from my earlier demos. Some new songs were added and the result is Blessed From Below. Ad Sathanas Noctum.

We released it by ourselves and then we were picked up by a polish label Odium Records, an underground label but they have ok distribution and they are nice folks, so all is fine. They even made us shirts and longsleeves.

My music is very traditional old school black metal, with a great deal of inspiration from American thrash metal from the eighties. People listening to Arvas, both the press and fans of the black metal genre tell me they can’t really put a finger on the music. They can’t really compare it to anything else they have heard before, and I am pretty proud of this, because every time you read a critic or a review of a band , new or old, they always try to compare you to this band or that band. They can’t do that with Arvas, and the secret lies in my way of composing music.

I hardly listen to metal at all.  My inspiration comes from completely other genres, such as country, dance, trance, techno, pop and even R&B and rap. To achieve something fresh and “new”, try to think outside the box. Most metal bands listen to their favorite bands and genres, and their music often becomes what they listen to themselves… the same music but a different name of the musicians. We don’t do that.

Why do you play this type of music?

V-Rex: I have always been interested in music, all kinds of music excites me. Metal in general is extremely important to me, even though I hardly listen to metal except when in drinking mode, not composing mode.

There is another side to metal and to me it is all about attitude, lifestyle and having the will to create.

The music, especially when it comes to black metal has got nothing to do with music. Arvas music is black metal based on occult rites, Satanic ideologies and moral values bare none. The music is an appendix like a soundtrack to my life.

Who and what inspires you?

V-Rex: Musically whole genres as mentioned above. I am inspired by wars, deep occultism, Satanic values, rain, death, violence and superstition.

Do you want become rich and famous, or do you like it in the underground? Why?

V-Rex: I don’t feel an urge to become rich or famous, it is impossible to make money from playing black metal, no one has ever made it, and no one ever will.

Underground is a loose term and it is ok to fly under this banner, the ultimate goal is however to play live as much as possible, nothing else is interesting really.

Which strategy do you have for success in the music industry?

V-Rex: There is no strategy at all, I follow my instincts and check out the market, mingle with those who are anything as much as I mingle with those who are nobodies, all promo is good promo and I cherish all contacts available at any time and at any gig I am at.

What is your definition of the term «sell out»?

V-Rex: I don’t think this term does anyone justice. Bands develop and they strive for other goals than they had when they were younger, if this makes them compose different music, more sellable music, that is good for them. Sell out as a term is nothing used by musicians but more by “fans” to mock their former idols…

If you could change places with a band, and take all they have achieved, who would you switch places with?

V-Rex: I am going to have to pick two: E-Type from Sweden, europop superstar and one of my greatest inspirations, and of course SLAYER!!!!!!


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