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breedMy reason for choosing Breed:
I first noticed the band back in 2005, when they did a Backyard gig (for up and coming bands) at Garage in Bergen. They kind of reminded me of Pantera (and I LIKE Pantera), so the name stuck in my mind. In the last few years Breed has received a bit of attention, but not quite enough to be a household name.

Their kick ass metal has a cool groove to it, and if you like Pantera, you’ll dig this.



Can you give a brief presentation of the band and the music?

“Their debut album “BREED”, released 2007 (FaceFront/Indie), received a 5 out of 6 in the national paper VG. It also received some attention around Europe and in the USA.

This attention, combined with their massive live performances put BREED on the shelf as one of Norways “must see” live acts.

BREED is now ready with a follow up album and again they take a journey in the land of big fat groove metal.

These hardworking men from Norway refuse and resist to be guided by trends. Standing upright they present the middle finger to the “music police” and let loose the uncompromising, brutal, dark and at the same time very melodic thunder that is BREED. Fast songs, slow songs, massive riffage and well thought out lyrics. In the middle of this is a touch of intimacy in something that sounds like a semi-ballad. These 45 minutes of pure testosterone are purely all that is BREED”.

Why do you play this type of music?

We play the type of music that inspires us when we play it. We never sat down and said “this is the type of music we want to play”, it’s all about what makes you feel good. We put our own experiences into play when we listen back to the pre prods and the demos. Does it work or does it stink. If it works, we keep it.

Who and what inspires you?

There are four individuals in this band and we all inspire each other. All have different backgrounds and this brings a flavor to mix that works very well for us in the writing process.

Do you want be rich and famous, or you like it in the underground?

From our point of view we wish to be successful and to be able to do this as a living. Being an artist today on a larger scale and staying there has to do with your product, which should be the music. I doubt if trying to become rich and famous or staying in the underground will help your products longevity.

Which strategy do you have for success in the music industry?

With the way things are today it’s not easy. We have done all the Spinal Tap moves and we’re still going at it. It’s all hard work. “Easy come, easy go” is very much alive in this business. Take nothing for granted and don’t trust the people who handle money for a living. Hahaha.

But seriously, it’s all about putting in the extra time. Build it like a business and run it like one. It’s really the same in any job, without the potential fame.

If you could change places with a band, and take all they have achieved, who would you switch places with?

I don’t think we even consider that. If you are an artist you want to be just that, an artist showing people what you do. And if they love it, then maybe someday you can hang out with the people you look up to. Wanting to be somebody else is a waste of the person you are today.

What will you do if you get really, really famous?

Do good interviews. Hahaha.

I think we will just continue doing what we’re doing. Playing in a band on a serious level is no joke and it becomes your life. If fame is a goal, try to stop working and see how far it stretches. I have seen bands and people going through hypes and coming out the other side like total wrecks. It takes time to understand, and to withstand, the punishment you put yourself and your loved ones through.

Fame is an illusion that no one should chase.

Music and information:

Nrk Urørt

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