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FEEDBACK: The Violence of Silence

the violence of silenceText: V. Meidell  Photo: R. Vidzidskis


Reasons for recommending The Violence of Silence:

This is the first Feedback band outside the borders of Norway, and I stumbled upon them during a nice weekend in Riga. I love grunge, and when I first heard The Violence of Silence, I almost thought that Kurt Cobain had risen from his grave… and moved to Latvia. The song “Give me more” gives you a taste of the good, old grunge sound, but they also have some post-grunge and hard rock influenced tunes. When I’m in my car, I’m definitely gonna sing along to this stuff. 😉

(The questions are answered by Robis Raitis Balandīns).

Can you give a brief presentation of the band and the music?

Once we were young. There was a party, and me and one of my best friends Didzis, were sitting in the stairs talking, and I remember he came up with the idea of making our own band, and I was saying »No, there will be no band, forget about it, we’re not gonna make it». But thank God, he was right!

My first guitar I found in my parents’ barn. It was an old 7 string acoustic guitar. My (then new) friend Didzis showed me the first few chords and the magical musical doors opened for me right there in the late 90’s.

Practicing… practicing… the first home recordings… the first demos on ribbon tape recorder (cool). :) The first songs… the first gig in our school where we played Black Sabbath’s Paranoid (I heard this song a little earlier that evening), and something instrumental from Sepultura. Simple, old drums, self-made guitar and my terrible sound and my vocal at our schools’ disco. Why not!? :)

The music is best characterized by its untranslatable title: it is both aggressive and harsh, though quiet and peaceful!
We are dedicating our free time to playing music, because this process is the best way to relieve stress, to depart from the daily routine and to enrich ourselves with new impressions!


Why do you play this type of music?
Our music, I don’t know, it’s all just »Feel the way I feel», and playing »this type» of music, that’s something that gets the real emotions out of you. That kind of pleasure, enjoyment, a moment of creating, the sound, practicing together, playing gigs, that’s something we really need. It is like a drug, and after all you have a good time.

Who and what inspires you?

Girls, wine, loneliness, joy, sadness, “good” and “bad” people, life, powerful visual or musical impressions, everything and nothing.

Do you want become rich and famous, or do you like it in the underground? Why?

Definitely underground! We’ve been there all our musical life. That is where our friends are. There is more simplicity and sincerity in the underground. This is where we fit in and belong. This is the feeling. The sound.

Which strategy do you have for success in the music industry?

No strategy, no success, just do what you do and fuck the rest! :) No, for real, just pick up your fucking old guitar (or whatever), make some riffs, make the sound you like, make the moves you like, listen, feel, enjoy… love it!
If you could change places with a band, and take all that they have achieved, who would you switch places with?

Hard to tell, »switch places with»… hmm? Maybe we don’t wanna. But, there are so many great rock bands… (not in order) Sepultura, Pantera/Phil Anselmo, Metallica, Pearl Jam, R.A.T.M., Foo Fighters maybe Nonpoint, of course Black Sabbath, Inokentijs Mārpls, AC/DC, Queen… hell yeah! There are so many of them, but maybe we would like that they would like to switch places with us… :)

Music and information:

www.mp3.com.au/Forms/ArtistProfile.aspx?ProfileId=258510 , www.violenceofsilence.times.lv , www.myspace.com/theviolenceofsilence

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