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Feedback logoMeihell recommends Dauden because:

We’re in the mood for some stone cold Norwegian Black Metal – with corps paint and die hard attitude all the way! This stuff is grim, dark and disturbing – just the way we like it!

Now, over to the drummer…

Meihell: Can you give a brief presentation of the band and the music?

Malignant: Dauden have been an active band and created music since 2007. They have done festivals and concerts in Norway and abroad with bands like Throne of Katarsis, Taake, Gehenna, Ragnarok and Nocturnal Breed. Since 2007 they have released their own stuff, but these days we are searching for a suitable record label to release our full-length debut album. The music can be described as intensive and disharmonic black metal.

Meihell: Why do you play this type of music?

Malignant: It’s naturally. Connect the mind and body into this disharmonic sound while playing. It’s inspiring to work and to hear what the next song is gonna turn out to be. The goal is to create something disgusting.

Meihell: Who and what are you inspired by?

Malignant: To be an active band that really works. That’s what keeps us going.

Meihell: Do you want be rich and famous, or you like it in the underground?

Malignant:  Our goal is to live this life fulltime. Dauden have always been in the underground scene, and we like it there. We are open options.

Meihell: Which strategy do you have for success in the music industry?

Malignant – We do our best to create the music, when we do that we’ll see.

Meihell: If you could change places with a band, and take all they have achieved, who would you switch places with?

Malignant: Led Zeppelin.

Meihell: What will you do if you get really, really famous?

Malignant: Work out a good album, record it and live on the road.


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