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Goths come in all shapes and ages, but what is their outlook on life? I guess you’ve heard about the Wiccans, the non-believers and the Satanists, but did you know that a great part of the goth community are Christians?


Text: V. Meidell / Illustrations: V. Meidell and The Grave Robbers

During my time as the writer of Goth Online, I’ve stumbled upon a few websites that combine the words God, Christianity and goths. The first one, www.godhatesgoths.com, was rather extreme. This site is supposedly run by an organization for parents against goths, but the statements are so severe that the whole thing looks like, and probably is, a hoax. This, however doesn’t change the fact that many Christians have little understanding for, and trust in, the ones in black. Some Christians are even afraid of goths, and I’ve actually heard of old ladies running for their lives if they see a gloomy looking couple having a romantic picnic among the beautiful crosses and falling leaves at the cemetery.

christiangothI recommended godhatesgoths.com to my readers, because I wanted them to have a good laugh with their afternoon tea. A few weeks later I stumbled upon www.religioustolerance.org/goth.htm . This is a site run by a multi-faith group that consists of people from the Atheist-, the Agnostic-, the Christian-, the Wiccan- and the Zen Buddhist community. The author explains the goth culture, and tries to open people’s minds. I am all for tolerance, and I recommended the site, to show that religious people not necessarily are poster boys (or girls) for prejudice.

The sites above made me curious. Could there be any practicing Christians out there, listening to Bauhaus, wearing corsets and fishnets? I googled “Christian” and “goth”, and were pleasantly surprised. I found websites called www.christiangoth.com and www.gothicchristianity.com, and Christian goth artists like Reverend Leviathan and Iron Sceptre. However, the site that really got me to stop and read was called The Grave Robbers. I contacted the woman behind it, and she agreed to do an interview about Goths and Christianity.





For Donna “Goth Mom” Sheehy (55) the cross is more than a piece of jewelry. Donna has mixed the goth lifestyle with Christianity for decades, and is about to make a documentary about Christian Goths.


What is the story behind your website, The Grave Robbers?   

The Grave Robbers Ministry has been around a long time. The reason for our name “the Grave Robbers” comes from a few scriptures of the Bible. The basic meaning behind it is, when you become a Christian, you rob the grave of its treasure.   These scriptures are from the New International Version.

Psalm 49:15    But God will redeem my life from the grave.

Hosea 13:14   I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death.   Where oh death, are your plagues?  Where, O  grave, is your destruction?

Psalm 30:3    O Lord, you brought me up from the grave, you spared me from going down into the pit.

This is the scripture that all is based on.  John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


What is the difference between a Christian Goth and a non-religious Goth?

The only difference is our strong faith in Jesus Christ.   Many of us have given up things in our lives that were not pleasing to God and live by Biblical standards.

Any similarities?

We have the same taste in clothes, music, and adventure.


Many people associate the Goth culture with the dark and Christianity with the light. How do you combine the two?

Although we may dress the same and have some of the same dark humor, we embrace our Gothness as we have the light of Christ in our lives.  We are Goths by God’s design and Christians by choice.


What do Christian goths do for fun?

Anything that anyone else do for fun.  We love movies, music, the arts, parties, games, and fellowship.

What happens at the Christian Goth festivals?

Each one is different, but the main thing is fellowship with other Christian Goths.    We enjoy being together as a family.   We have praise and worship, speakers, bands, Bible studies, communion and events.  Some of those events have been:  Goth prom, tea parties, fear fest,   dance night, open microphone night, fashion shows, midnight mass,  and the list goes on.   We usually stay up late and pray with people.


You are making a Christian Goth documentary. Can you tell me a bit about that?

I have had the idea to film a Christian Goth documentary for quite a few years now.   I decided that it would be great to film at GothiCon because we will have a lot of the Goth community in one location.  The documentary is going to be used as a tool to help the mainstream church to understand the Christian Goth Community.   It will be free to download from our web site.  We also plan on filming a few funny commercials to use as teaching tools.


When did you decide to become a Christian?

I was raised in a Christian home, and made a decision to become a Christian when I was nine.  There has never been a time in my life that I didn’t have a faith in God.  Even as a small child, I knew that God was real and could feel his presence.


When did you decide to become a Goth?

I don’t know if I ever consciously made a decision to become a Goth.   My dark humor and way of life started in my early teen years and did not have a name until the label “Goth” came about in the late 1970’s.    I got my fashion sense from the Munsters and the Addams family television series of the 1960’s.

Do you wear your Goth outfit to church, or do you “dress down”?

I wear Goth attire every day including going to church.    However, church is not the place that I wear club wear.   There are so many different types of Goths.  I am a classic and traditional Goth, so my attire may seem tame or subtle in comparison to some of the others.  Also, since I am an Elder Goth (age 55),   there are some things that I don’t’ wear at this age, that I did when I was younger.


What do other Christians say about Christian goths?

Oh my, where to begin.   I have heard it all, everything from “why are you wearing bats?” to “is that a spider on your purse.”    I am fortunate because of my age; it is easier for me to explain about the Goth community than for some of the younger ones to explain.   I always explain that Christians come in all packages and that God looks at the heart.    I try to get the point across that we are all the body of Christ.   If people don’t understand, we love them any way.


What do other goths say about you?

If you mean me personally, I am not sure.  I love being part of the Goth Community, they are my family.   As with any family, you don’t always get along with everyone.


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