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The atmospheric sound of Ósk is perfect for a relaxing evening in your own company. With their well-written lyrics and pleasant melodies, this band radiates an aura of high quality. Check them out on Spotify and Facebook.

Can you give a brief presentation of the band and the music?

 Òsk is half jazzkids and half folkrock emo-men with large beards. We play folky poprock, glaced in melancholic brass arrangements and half poetic lyrics.

Why do you play this type of music?

Because it’s what comes out of us.

Who and what inspires you?

Society, each other, The Beatles and biology.

Do you want be rich and famous, or you like it in the underground?

Love the underground.

Which strategy do you have for success in the music industry?

Make beautiful music.

If you could change places with a band, and take all they have achieved, who would you switch places with?

It would be awful to take credit for someone elses achievements. But if we had to we choose Michael Jackson (R.I.P). We would use all his money on booze and ride around his wonderland until our guilt caught up with us and we would jump from the top of his ferris wheel.

What will you do if you get really, really famous?

Buy Michael Jackson’s ferris wheel.

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